How To Pair Your Jewellery With Activewear According To A Stylist

How To Pair Your Jewellery With Activewear According To A Stylist

Styling Supervisor at The Iconic, Ashley Syne Shares her top tips and tricks 

By Phoebe Blogg

There’s no denying it, pairing jewellery with activewear is a trend many of us have tried, tested and in most cases not continued with.

The choice of what metal, colour and design to opt for can sometimes be a little overwhelming – even for us fashion savvy millennials. That was until now of course.

How to pair jewellery with activewear

Having initially spiked in popularity during 2017, activewear – more commonly known today as athleisure – has grown to become one of the most – if not the most – in demand categories within the fashion industry, both locally and overseas.

May you be headed to brunch or barre, activewear is now classed as appropriate attire for both.

Dubbed as being one of our wardrobes most versatile staples, it’s no wonder many of us are choosing to wear our sportswear when and wherever we can.

That said, similar to our other wardrobe staples, activewear can often appear a little dull or rather lack-lustre, when not styled nor spruced to it’s full potential – this my friends, is where the magic happens.

Like our office attire and other smart-casual weekend wear, activewear is nothing special without the addition of something special. Opting to accessorise your athleisure look with jewellery, will not only aesthetically elevate your sporty-chic get up, but add an additional touch of personality. 

Enlisting the help of The Iconic’s styling supervisor Ashley Syne, here at EVER Jewellery we have broken down just how easy it is to style and select your jewels to match, mimic and enhance your athleisure style.

See below for Ashely’s top 5 styling tips.

Start Small

Although accessorising can sometimes be a case of the bigger and bolder bling the better, this is definitely not the case when pairing your jewellery with activewear. The rather small, delicate and dainty jewellery is at the heart of this trend.

If you have yet to try accessorising your own activewear with your jewellery, starting off with smaller pieces will assist in increasing your confidence to experiment further.

In terms of what smaller pieces beginners should look to invest in right now, Syne agrees that the smaller the better. “ I would say a small, bold gold hoop is always a winner and a short chain.” “Choose pieces that are simple and comfortable”  

Hustle Athlesiure Gold Hoop Earrings - ($89)

Hustle Athleisure Gold Hoop Earrings

Keep It Simple

Similar to most trends which feature the addition of jewellery, it is important to initially keep things quite streamlined and simple. This rather minimalistic style of accessorising allows your jewellery to act as a feature or statement piece, all whilst complementing and enhancing your outfit.

When asked about how she chooses to style her own jewellery with activewear, Syne reveals that simplicity is in fact a key component. “When it comes to activewear I like to keep my jewellery simple. I feel less is more in this instance” 

Sidewalk Athleisure Chain Gold Necklace - ($99)

Sidewalk Athleisure Chain Gold Necklace

Prioritise Practicality

Predominately important within most trends which feature activewear, practicality also plays a large part in how one should invest and style their jewellery to appropriately complement their activewear. Selecting jewellery which visually partners well with your gear, whilst also being comfortable to workout in, is the difference between nailing or failing this trend.

When investing in jewellery which is as aesthetically attractive as it is practical, it isimportant to consider the weight, length and durability of the jewellery in question. Practicality should by all means, not be overlooked for aesthetics.

Athletes are a perfect example of those who continue to nail this trend. Typically opting for jewellery which is lightweight, shorter in length and firmer in fit, it’s no wonder their athletic accessorising is inspiring consumers to do the same.

“You should still be able to do something active when wearing your activewear so wearing jewellery that is too big or two heavy doesn’t work well” says Syne. 

Empire Athleisure Gold Signet Ring - ($89)

Experiment With What Works For You

As all clothing styles are not suited to everyone, not all jewellery trends will appeal to everyone.

When accessorising your sportwear it’s important to remember that what may look great on someone else may not appeal to you.

Rather than focusing on what aspects of this – or any – trend do not align with your style, branch out and experiment with what metals, colours and designs are of interest to you.

“I love mixing metals, I wear gold and silver rings that I never take off so those are a given. I’ll often add a small gold hoop and sometimes layer these as I have multiple lobe piercing’s. I may also add a gold bangle or chunky bracelet but I’ll leave out a necklace if I have focused on the earrings” Syne informs me when asked about how she experiments with her own jewellery as a stylist.   

Downtown Athleisure Gold Toggle Chain Necklace - ($139)

Downtown Athleisure Gold Toggle Chain Necklace

Look To The Future For Inspiration

As the worlds digital realm continues to evolve – think NFT’s, the Metaverse and now Web3 – Syne – like many in her creative line of work – believes that the future of fashion is and will continue to be shaped by these emerging technologies 

“I’m sure we’ll be seeing some kind of “smart” style fashion bracelets at some point and gold ear pods that also double as a statement ear piece. I can see this trend being sleek, futuristic, super wearable and adaptable jewellery that can serve more than just an aesthetic purpose”, says Syne.

In order for the fashion’s retail sector to remain relevant and competitive, it must grow and adapt with these tech based advancements.

That said, it of course comes as no surprise to find this trend of accessorising your activewear, is the fashion industries way of displaying just how they too are continuingly thinking ahead, both digitally and physically.

With the way the fashion industry is digitally progressing, who knows..maybe this time next year we will all be wearing the latest water flask, sweat resistant bangle. 

Grandstand Athleisure Gold Band Ring - ($89)

Grandstand Athleisure Gold Band Ring
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