How to elevate your activewear look

5 Easy Tips


Although accessorising can sometimes be a case of the bigger and bolder bling the better, this is definitely not the case when pairing your jewellery with activewear.

The rather small and delicate jewellery is at the heart of this trend.

If you have yet to try accessorising your own activewear with your jewellery, starting off with smaller pieces will help in increasing your confidence to experiment further.


Similar to most trends which feature the addition of jewellery, it is important to initially keep things quite streamlined and simple.

This rather minimalistic style of accessorising allows your jewellery to act as a feature or statement piece, all whilst complementing and enhancing your outfit.

Simplicity is in fact a key component.


Practicality plays a large part in how you should invest and style jewellery.

Selecting pieces which visually partners well with your wear, whilst also being comfortable working out in, is the difference between nailing or failing!

When investing in jewellery, consider weight, length and durability of the jewellery. Athletes are a perfect example of this, as they typically opt for pieces which are lightweight, shorter in length and firmer in fit.


With the right pieces of jewellry, it can make a world of difference in your overall activewear look.

This layering technique can add depth and a touch of sophistication to your outfit, without compromising your comfort or performance.

Experiment with different combinations to find what resonates with your personal style and the activities you engage in.


As all clothing styles are not suited to everyone, not all jewellery trends will appeal to everyone.

When accessorising your activewear, it’s important to remember that what may look great on someone else may not appeal to you.

Rather than focusing on what aspects of this – or any – trends do not align with your style, branch out and experiment with what designs you love!